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The Arkansas State Plant Board (ASPB) investigates in response to complaints or allegations filed by citizens. Each year, the ASPB handles a significant number of complaints relating to alleged chemical misuse; the complaints may name a suspected chemical, but until inspectors are able to get on site and diagnose based on symptomology and collect records, there is no way to make a determination on the chemicals used. Since 2015, the ASPB has worked to investigate and in some cases prosecute for a higher than normal volume of dicamba-related complaints.

Dicamba is a selective herbicide in the chlorophenoxy family of chemicals. It comes in several salt formulations and an acid formulation. It is a common herbicide used in getting rid of weeds and woody plants.

To submit a pesticide complaint to the ASPB, please call 501-225-1598 and ask for the Pesticide Division.

Public Hearing to Consider Changes to Dicamba Regulations

Arkansas Dicamba Task Force Report

Emergency Rules

The rule establishing the ban on the sale and use of dicamba in Arkansas for 120 days went into effect Tuesday, July 11.  Any applications made after this time are violations (see details below for exemptions). Furthermore, an increase of the civil penalty for dicamba application misuse of up to $25,000 will go into effect August

The sale, use, or application of dicamba containing pesticides is prohibited, except for products packaged in containers of one quart or less. The ban is for agriculture use only, with an exemption for pastures and rangeland (which includes use on lawns, gardens, and turf). Please note that the use of pesticides containing dicamba for use on lawns, gardens, turf, pasture, and rangeland is still legal.

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