Dicamba Updates

The Arkansas State Plant Board (ASPB) investigates in response to complaints or allegations filed by citizens. Each year, the ASPB handles a significant number of complaints relating to alleged chemical misuse; the complaints may name a suspected chemical, but until inspectors are able to get on site and diagnose based on symptomology and collect records, there is no way to make a determination on the chemicals used. Since 2015, the ASPB has worked to investigate and in some cases prosecute for a higher than normal volume of dicamba-related complaints.

Dicamba is a selective herbicide in the chlorophenoxy family of chemicals. It comes in several salt formulations and an acid formulation. It is a common herbicide used in getting rid of weeds and woody plants.

The Arkansas State Plant Board has adopted a new regulation on pesticides that contain the active ingredient Dicamba, which went into effect February 1, 2018.

To submit a pesticide complaint to the ASPB, please call 501-225-1598 and ask for the Pesticide Division.

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